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I'm Fyrielle, a jack of all trades! Things I love... Final Fantasy. Gaming. Writing. Drawing. Music. Tea. Cooking. And I should play my guitar more.
In case you're interested, I'm taking art commissions. Just check my deviantart journal for all relevant information.

FFXIV: Ferah Parohren/Sargatanas
FFXI: Fyris & Maruwaru/Bismark
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I sadly don’t believe in anything but if you do please send your prayers so we can find Naja safe and sound.

Give away prize for eorzeia!

(let’s not mention how awfully late I am omg I’m so sorry)
Two to go!

I’m done moving so have things before classes start ;w;


I had no goddamn idea what was going on in this fight.

But it’s nice to be done with it! C’mon beard papa. 83

*laughing like a maniac*

Felt good to draw again after so long, thank you so much everyone for your support <3

Someone draw it I’m too lazy to do it myself.

This isn’t even our final form!


Today DF threw me and Sati in ST with ashlinfarblade and folkenface!
The world conspiracy to make me feel small continues…

What happens when I awkwardly try to pet or poke someone much bigger than me.